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..... A Political Action Committee (PAC) dealing with selected issues relating to Korean Americans and their communities.

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The size of the Korean-Americans (KA) in this country has been variously estimated to be somewhere between 1.5 to 2.0 millions. The Census data indicate that theirs is one of the most rapidly growing group with the major influx that began with the advent of 1968 relaxation of the immigrant quota system based on the country of origin, thus the bulk of them are the first generation immigrants bringing with them highly diligent work ethics, unusually intense fervor for education for their off-springs, rugged enterprising individualism suited for success in the free-market. Generally they are regarded as a model immigrant contributing greatly to the main-stream society; particularly their second generation Korean-Americans, well educated, erudite and with savvy in the ways of main-stream society are now beginning to enter our society in great numbers rapidly changing this groupís perspective vis-ŗ-vis its potential political power in American society.  (Please click here for more)


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