TO: (1). Members

Steering Committee

The Korean-American League

(2). Friends of the Korean- American League

FROM: Moon J. Pak, M.D.

Chairman, Steering Committee

The Korean-American League

DATE: May 20, 1999


The Third and the last organizational meeting of the Korean-American League: The East Coast Meeting will be held in the New York City as follows:


DATE: July 9-10, 1999 (Friday-Saturday).

The First Session (dinner included) will begin at 4: 00 PM Friday and the meeting will be adjourned by 10:00 PM. The Second Session (Breakfast included) will begin at 9:00 AM Saturday and it will be adjourned by the noon. The Steering Committee, then joined by the newly added East Coast members will convene at 4:00 PM Saturday to discuss various items related to the actual establishment of the KAL.

PLACE: Regal U.N. Plaza Hotel

One United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017-3575

(44 Th Street at First Avenue)

(P) 212-758-1234, (F) 212-702-3575

For the out-of- towners, a group of rooms have been reserved under the KAL, at this four-star Hotel in Manhattan at the corporate rate of $ 180 per night per double occupancy, ie. $ 90 per person per night, (parking included). The evening meetings will be held at Perez de Cuellar Room at the 29th floor, and the morning meeting will be at Dag Hammarskjold Room.

The Hotel does not operate an airport shuttle service, thus one must rely on local cab service for transportation from the various city airports to this landmark Hotel. For this reason, and also for the fact that one might share a room with another member, consider travelling together with any other members that you might know coming to the city to attend the meeting.

Please make the room reservation as early as possible but certainly before the date of June 20, 1999 after which date, the room guarantee shall expire. The contact person at the Hotel is Ms. Sharmila Srinivasan, the Corporate Group Sales Manager (212-702-5025). When you contact the Hotel, please always identify yourself as a member of the KAL to avail yourself of the corporate discount that had been arranged.


This East Coast meeting will be the last of the three organizational meetings planned at the Claremont, thus it represents the last opportunity for the participants to provide any input to the basic organizational objectives as well as the structure of the KAL as proposed. Presently, the preliminary form of corporate bylaws of the KAL and the KAL Foundation as well as the relationship between the two are being researched by a legal expert in Detroit. Therefore, it is recommended that all the members of the Steering Committee, both from Claremont meeting and Chicago-Midwest meeting to attend this meeting.

Furthermore, for all those individuals, who had been invited to the two previous meetings and for various reasons unable to attend them, it represents their last opportunity to become a founding member of an organization that promises to be a significant and influential political entity in the Korean-American community, as well as the North-East Asia policy formulating circle in and out side of our legislative and administrative governance structure.

The list of East Coast individuals, or for that matter, any qualified individuals regardless of their geographic location, is being compiled to be invited to this meeting. These would be individuals, who, by virtue of their expertise, reputation, professional and experiential background believed to be of benefit to the KAL and would become members of the Steering Committee and eventually the founding members of the organization. Please send your nomination(s) (name, phone #, fax #, e-Mail #, address) at your earliest convenience utilizing any one of the following means of communication:

Dr. Moon J. Pak

811 Oakwood Drive, Suite # 201

Rochester, MI 48307

(P): 248-656-0177, (F): 248-656-0249, (e-Mail):, (Pager): 248-400-1611

(Cell. P): 810-431-9699